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Chiropractic Services

Musculoskeletal and Nervous System

Chiropractic medicine emphasizes the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the spine, nervous, muscular and skeletal system to function properly. Your visit includes a thorough exam to asses the cause of your pain or dysfunction in order to render a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


Chiropractic manipulation

Cold laser therapy

Interferential current



Soft tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

Swedish massage

Thai yoga massage

Raindrop therapy


Emotional freedom technique

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is used commonly by athletes for injury recovery. Other benefits include: concussion / brain injury recovery, improved sleep and breathing issues, enhanced circulation, and helps cancer patients.

Holding Paw

Dr. Cindy is also certified in animal chiropractic. Please contact us with questions about your animal. Veterinary referral is necessary. 

Dr. Cindy helps a dog improve his mobility through chiropractic care.

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