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Medical form with stethoscope

Patient Hub

If you'd like to set up an appointment with us, we ask that all new patients submit required forms. This makes your initial office visit more time-efficient and provides us with relevant health information to guide your care. All forms must be completed prior to an office visit or your appointment will not be confirmed. You can:

1) Email us the completed forms and we will contact you to make your appointment. You can click the links below to download the fillable PDF forms and complete them on your computer. Please be sure to save the file with your responses. If preferred, you can alternately print, fill out by hand, and then email us the scanned, completed files. 


- OR -


2) Call us directly at (708) 479-0020 to book an *unconfirmed* office visit. We will email you an online intake form that must be completed as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours prior to your office visit. We will confirm your reserved appointment time once your completed form is submitted. Failure to complete on time will result in a cancelled appointment. 

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for any cancellations or changes to your appointment. In an effort to control health costs for all patients, a missed office visit or appointment cancelled less than 24 hours prior will be charged the full office visit fee. 



Please complete the following forms as best as you can. Please be sure to save the file after entering your responses to make sure they are recorded. 

All required patient forms

Intake and Financial Policy

Metabollic Assessment

Neurotransmitter Assessment

Brain Health and Nutrition Assessment

Privacy Notice

Additional required forms for minor patients

Minor Consent Waiver

Child Neurotransmitter and Nutrition Questionnaire

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