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Two new noninvasive therapy options for your patients

What’s new in chiropractic care? There are so many new treatment options available today, it can be difficult to know what works well, what kind of works for some people and what is just the latest TikTok trend. 

I’ve recently adopted two new things in my clinic that are seeing amazing results; topical pain reliever for headaches and TECAR therapy for musculoskeletal pain.


A topical for headache pain

Migraines and headaches can be difficult to treat, usually because the cause could be just about anything. Sometimes it’s an underlying nutrient deficiency. It certainly can be musculoskeletal. It can be hormone-related; it can be food sensitivity-related. It can be stress-related. Sometimes it’s even an infection causing headaches. We can have sinus infections, for example, that are fungal, bacterial or both that cause headaches. 

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