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Want to work with athletes? Sports chiropractors are ready to help you

Knowing the value of chiropractic care for athletes, four industry veterans have come together to form Doctors of Chiropractic Sports (DoCS). First and foremost, the founders want to bring together chiropractors who treat professional and collegiate athletes and give them the opportunity to communicate, network, and share ideas, innovations and clinical knowledge to take the best care of athletes.


In addition to Greenstein, Spencer and Sokoloff, Cindy M. Howard, DC, founder of the Innovative Health and Wellness Center, is the fourth founder. Each of these experts has a unique perspective and background. “We each bring something to the table that synergistically allows an audience to learn,” Sokoloff says. “Dr. Greenstein keeps up on new studies and statistics, Dr. Howard excels in nutrition and internal medicine, Dr. Baron is an expert on concussion and neurological aspects, and my strength is understanding and working in the athletic training world. I learn something from them every time I hear them lecture.”

This post was originally published by Karen Appold in Chiropractic Economic.


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